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Samples are colored accoording to their groups. To have a description about a given sample, just put mouse over.
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 STEP I - Select a dataset and the subgroups of interest :

 STEP II - Filter and statistical test settings :

  • Probe set filter
  • Statistical test settings
Keep only protein coding genes
Keep only one probe set per gene/ncRNA (with the highest standard deviation (SD))
Number of probe sets with the highest SD: 
FDR ≤: 

Fold change ≥: 

Data are: 

Top genes to show in heatmap: 
 webSAM output :

 Export the Gene Set
 Analyze the gene set
 Add Res. to MyGspace
 Heatmap of Top
 Run SAM again

  Expression/Coexpression Report

  •  Expression Profile
  •  Coexpression Analysis
  •  Annotation

Expression of

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Grouped by:


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Plot options
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Genes/ncRNA coexpressed with

Dataset:    |   Change dataset
Grouped by:

Correlation method:
Correlation coefficient ≥:
P value ≤:
Top correlated genes to draw:


 Download Coexpression File

 Download The File

 Heatmap Of The Top Correlated Genes/ncRNA

 Download The Heatmap


 View Coexpression Network
 Change the visual style

Background color:



Filter by correlation

Show genes with corr. ≥

Continuous color

  •  Annotation
  •  Coexpression Plot

 Download The Plot


 Continuous color

 Color continuously according to the correlation coefficent



Functionnal annotation of

 View expression profile

Functionnal Annotation

 Gene Wiki
 Interaction Network

Subcellular localisation


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Available plugins
GenomicScape Plugin Library
Plugins are 3rd party websites that you can use to learn more about your gene of interest.
Please click on the row of interest, to see more about your genes.
 Heatmap of the top differentially expressed genes

Heatmap of the top10 genes most differentially expressed

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 Tools for data analysis
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