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arrow What species does GenomicScape support? Question URL

Currently, GenomicScape supports only gene expression data from human samples.
arrow Which platforms are supported by GenomicScape? Question URL

Currently, GenomicScape supports only pre-normalized gene expression data from Affymetrix human microarray-platform (U133P2, U133A, U133B).
arrow What are the units of expression? Question URL

Expression values from Affymetrix chips relate to fluorescence intensity. Since there are multiple probes for each transcript on the microarray, these intensity values are summarized using various data processing algorithms. In our case, we mostly use MAS5 and GCRMA.
arrow What kind of gene identifiers are supported for a query? Question URL

In addition to official gene symbols and aliases, users can search by Affymetrix probe set identifiers and by keyword (ex: phosphatase).
arrow How do I make link to GenomicScape to analyse a gene of interest? Question URL

Permalinks are most easily generated based on gene name. For example, for the gene TP53:
arrow How do I cite GenomicScape in my paper? Question URL

To cite GenomicScape, include the link of website ( in your paper. Note that when referencing any of the expression data sets in GenomicScape, you should also include a citation to the relevant paper describing those data.