Naïve B cell to plasma cell differentiation

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Naive B Cell Centroblasts Centrocytes Memory B Cell Preplasmablasts Plasmablasts Early Plasma Cells Bone Marrow Plasma Cells
Genes differentially expressed between naïve B cells (NBCs), centroblasts (CBs), centrocytes (CCs), memory B cells (MBCs), preplasmablasts (PrePBs), plasmablasts (PBs), early plasma cells (EPCs), and mature plasma cell (BMPCs). Data are the SAM multiclass expression contrast of each gene in a given cell subpopulations compared to the others.

Genes differentially expressed between the 8 naïve B cell to plasma cell subpopulations

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Genes upregulated in the given group compared to the overall mean expression
Genes downregulated in the given group compared to the overall mean expression
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Plasmablasts |  Early plasma cells |  Bone marrow plasma cells | 

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