Gene expression profile and coexpression analysis

The Gene Expression Tool is accessible from GenomicScape home page or by clicking here.

From a "Gene Expression Tool" web page:

  • Select a data table. For example “Datasets/healthy tissues or cells/B to plasma cells/Affy U133P2/Human plasma cell differentiation MAS5 (sample = 38)”
  • Enter the name of your gene of interest in the search box and click OK button.

  • GenomicScape returns a list of Affymetrix probe sets interrogating your gene of interest. These probesets are sorted according to their standard deviation in ascending order. For a given gene, the first probe set displayed is the probe set with the highest standard deviation.
  • Click on a gene name or on a probe set of interest to view th expression profile in the selected data table.

Please, click on the below videos for more helps.

Title Video
How to view the gene expression profile of your gene of interest

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How to display sample names on gene expression plot

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